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Several demons and their sigils of summoning. Good to know for preventative messsures.

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Demons and their Sigils of Summoning, Occult Geometry, and Neon Spirits stuff for dark omen

Magick Spells:  Poppet #Magick 1.  Used to have poppets my kids & man in my life at the time. Put enough energy into them and believe me they work!

Magick Spells: Poppet Used to have poppets my kids & man in my…

Interesting relationship between elements.

Pentagram symbol - representing the five elements of creation and it's attributes. Note : If you superimpose the vitruvian man figure over it, you see how it also represents the sacred geometry of body of man.

The Use of Sigils, Signs and Alphabets

The use of signs, sigils, & alphabets Book of Shadows 08 Page 4 by Sandgroan.

Headache relief spell.

Headache Relief Spell Book of Shadows Page BOS Pages Witchcraft Parchment

Favorite Element<3

Magickal Products Earth Invocation [EPIEAR] - Call for the sturdy influence of the element of Earth with the words provided in the Earth invocation parchment poster, a handy reference for invocation within your ritual magic. 8 x

Air Evocation Parchment Poster or Book of Shadows Page | eBay

Air Evocation Parchment Poster or Book of Shadows Page

This handy reference poster offers an evocation to call the element of Air. Elemental evocation is used to summon the energy of the elements (earth, air, water, fire and spirit) during ritual. Poster is printed on by parchment.