Jessica Lange on Her American Horror Story Gifts: Rich Characters, Rock Star Moments and Toys  Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

Jessica Lange Talks Freak Show & Her Future With AHS

Pictures & Photos from "American Horror Story" Pink Cupcakes (TV Episode - IMDb

American Horror Story is so richly layered that there could be many more stories told about the Harmon family and the Victorian house after the season one finale. Description from I searched for this on

Murder House takes place in Los Angeles. Although the majority of the season takes place in the present day.

American Horror Story "Freakshow" S4 Jessica Lange as "Elsa Mars"

American Horror Story "Freakshow" Jessica Lange as "Elsa Mars"

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I got Donovan Deepdiver! What Is Your "American Horror Story" Porn Star Name?

American Horror Story Coven.... ......We like her....

Jessica Lange as Fiona in Episode Bitchcraft. American Horror Story Coven - Wizard of Oz reference.