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Red Fox at Sunrise by Ronald L. Day was photo of the day on August Earth Shots is a photo of the day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.

Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus) Sometimes called mountain-fox.

Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus) by Einar Gudmann on Wild Arctic fox in Iceland. Sometimes called mountain-fox.

For a breath.. by Luigi Piccirillo | Photo To Art Guy

Chasing after a bird: "For a breath".photo by Luigi Piccirillo - Pixdaus

#5. Silver Fox This gorgeous fox species is technically the same species as the red fox the two just have different genetic pigmentations. This type of fox can range in color, from all black to a bluish-grey. Sadly, due to its gorgeous coat, the silver fox is farmed and killed for fur. In the wild, the silver fox does not discriminate based on color, and often mates with red foxes.

Silver Fox - same species as the Red Fox - they simply have different pigmentation variations. The Silver Fox was, at one time, one of the most valuable fur foxes that could be found. They are still bred and farmed for their fur.

Red fox heading into wind by Charles Glatzer on 500px

Red fox heading into wind, below, dusk at Churchill, Hudson Bay, Canada by Charles Glatzer

Polarfuchs - 50 Прекрасный щенок картинки | Искусство и дизайн

50 Lovely Puppy Pictures

Polarfuchs by wildlife photographer Georg Scharf on Portrait of beautiful Arctic Fox.