Grevillea Majestic buds (via Nelson~Blue) attracts birds and bees - great tree for the surburban yard

Grevillea Majestic buds (via Nelson~Blue) attracts birds and bees - great tree for the surburban yard

Grevillea 'Bonfire'

How cool is this thing? Perfect inspiration for me - who is looking for "not your usual floral print" - love it!

Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

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A Year From Oak Cottage: June 2009

These remind me of my grandfather, who used to make matchstick hollyhock dolls for me!


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flowersgardenlove:  Passion Flower buds Beautiful gorgeous...

An open flower and buds - as well as stem and curling tendrils - of a purple passion flower (Passiflora phoenicia or alata) Copyright Skye Hohmann

Allium Inspiratation

how much fun would it be to plant a whole garden full of Dr. Seuss-y plants? Esp fun around the kids play house!

Wonderful Kanzashi by Sakae

Wonderful Kanzashi by Sakae

another stinker, yet strangely beautiful. Due to its fragrance, which is reminiscent of the smell of a decomposing mammal, the Titan arum is also known as the “Corpse flower” or “Corpse plant”

L’Arum titan (Amorphophallus titanum) - The biggest flower of the world meters) La + grande fleur du monde !

Don't know your carnations from your chrysanthemums? Let this fabulous guide help you to identify your favourite flowers, introduce you to new ones and inspire you to put together your dream bouquet and wedding flower arrangements. If you're feeling ready to approach a florist, pop over to the Flowers, Decor and Styling section of our Directory to ...

A Very Handy Flower Chart Organised by Colour

Leptospermum Red Damask Aromatic Evergreen Shrub | eBay

Leptospermum Red Damask Aromatic Evergreen Shrub

Grevillea 'Casitas Pink' • Australian Native Plants Nursery • Plants • 800.701.6517

Grevillea 'Casitas Pink' part of the Proteaceae family with Pink flowers flowering in Most of the year avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA