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Bulbophyllum dayanum - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bulbophyllum dayanum - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Es maravillosa esta flor.  Aguien sabe su nombre?

The 'monkey face orchid' (Dracula Simia) is usually found in the cloud forests of Peru and Ecuador in South America

Small Slipper Orchid - Lake Superior, Michigan - USA

Small Slipper Orchid - Lake Superior, Michigan - USA Cypripedium arietinum Pollinated by small bees.great example for a unit on pollination strategies and "rare" species

Brassavola cucullata - © 2006 Greg Allikas - www.orchidworks.com

Common name: Daddy long-legs orchid, which is kind of cute. Has a strong night fragrance just like B.

Calochilus paludosus - Strap Beard Orchid by Macro Orchids Tasmania on Flickr..

Flower-detail of Strap-Beard-Orchid: Calochilus paludosus -One of many interesting orchids, north of Arthur River, Tasmania, Australia

The bright, happy colours and the almost fluffy looking texture

Psychopsis kramerianum Found from Costa Rica to Peru at altitudes of 200 to 1000 meters as a hot to warm growing epiphyte 1 to 2 flowers at a time. These inflorescence, if left alone can bloom for years so do not cut them.


Blue orchid ~ I have never tried growing orchids, but this would be the best one to grow in my (garden)! I've never seen a blue one till now. Just breathtaking!