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Village boy and his pony, Kazakhstan | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These people lived in an isolated village in the Tien Shan mountains

These photos of a lost Mongolia tribe are incredible - The Dukha tribe is one of the rare exceptions. The Dukha are a Tuvan-Turkic tribe that lives on the border of Mongolia and Russia, and they are best known as reindeer herders. But their connection with animals extends far beyond reindeer.

These photos of a lost Mongolian tribe are incredible

A Photographer Visited A Lost Mongolian Tribe. The Dukha people believe they have a spiritual bond with animals.

Photo: Village in Kazakhstan

This is an isolated village in the Tien Shan mountains

On the run . Mongolia

Veloo Foundation is happy to announce that we have entered a partnership with Songino Khairhan District and Tselmeg Tsaidam Construction to build a kindergarten on the opposite side of Ulaan.

Exploring Mongolia with Nomadic Expeditions

Bactrian Camel (Camelus bactrianus) and young girl, Gobi Desert, Mongolia -- this type of camel is critically endangered. by Pete Oxford

Kyrgyz falconer by Tariq Zaidi

All Secure Photo by Tariq Zaidi — National Geographic Your Shot

Remote Village Life - live life in a remote village for at least a week, learning to live off the land with what's available.

Kazakhstan village, this was a remote village in the Tien Shan mountains in Kazakhstan

Mongolia - Jimmy Nelson

BoredPanda “Before They Pass Away,” a long-term project by photographer Jimmy Nelson, gives us the unique opportunity to discover more than 30 secluded and slowly vanishing tribes from all over the world.