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It was clear as day when I first saw Robert Steven Connett& paintings. His work appears to be a window for us to peer into his microscopic and technological world. Plus, I am a huge fan of color and texture, and Connett executes both fabulously well.


MANTIS POND ~ 2009 ~ a vision of the life that thrives in gigantic, yet tiny worlds which surround us, but is also hidden from us.

ROBERT STEVEN CONNETT ~ Paintings, Drawings & words - ~ ~

ROBERT STEVEN CONNETT ~ Paintings, Drawings & words - ~ ~

The left panel of the painting "ANTAGONY" by Robert Steven Connett ~  It’s a painting of antagonism, disaffection and hostility. It illustrates plausible effects of world population, in conjunction with technical evolution. For the future, I can imagine death on an unparalleled scale. The painting does not show death or killing, but I’ve tried to paint harbingers. Enslavement is a by-product of the devaluation of life, as is addiction, sickness, war, insanity and people watching too much TV!

Here's the entire right panel of the painting ANTAGONY, (it's a diptych of sorts) ~ Painted in 2010

"The things in my red garden) x Acrylic on masonite This is in my "UNDERWORLDS" series of paintings

MICRODONS by R.S. Connett

// Creating his artwork using otherworldly perspectives, rare and overlooked creatures, and an unbelievable color palette, Robert Steven.