A vining succulent outdoors in summer, indoors in winter in cool or cold climates. The plant is very long lived and requires almost no care. Leaves are long, thick and very green with bright light.

Hoya carnosa, popularmente conhecida como flor de cera é uma trepadeira originária da Ásia e da Austrália. Floresce na primavera, com cachos de flores pequenas e carnosas, em forma de estrela, que se assemelham a flores de cera.

Cambridge, England: Botanic Garden: Honey Plant, Wax Plant (Hoya carnosa 'Exotica') My mom had one of these on her back porch.

Surpreenda-se com a Surreal Beleza Destas Plantas Exóticas

Surpreenda-se com a Surreal Beleza Destas Plantas Exóticas

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Fractal repeating patterns of 5 in nature - Hoya pubicalyx .have you ever heard the clicking sound these little flowers bring forth when each petal pop open from the bud?

" B L O G - DO - O L I V E I R A "        : FLORES, NATUREZA, PAISAGENS --  ALBUM/14

Zebra Hollyhocks are perennials that bloom all summer long. They are easy to grow self seed are drought tolerant and attract butterflies. They grow in sun to part shade and get tall. Great for perennial beds cottage gardens borders and rock gardens.

Admire As Belas Cores da Vida...                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Admire As Belas Cores da Vida...

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Lavender Dahlias Flowers Garden Love I am doing Dahlias in Ella's flowers so if you like the shape and look let me know.I am totally in love with them!