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Banana Peel Art by Artist Honey

This is so fun! Just needs a safety pin - The Blues Brothers - Tattooed Banana Art

Kunst auf Bananen - was auch gar nicht so schwer umzusetzen ist, die Props gehen aber an die Grafikerin, Illustratorin und Erschafferin dieser Artworks "Honey", die immerhin die Idee hatte. Mit einer Sicherheitsnadel wird die Schale bepikert, etwas Luft und Zeit erledigen dann den Rest

Artist Honey, founder of the website Sweet-Station , has discovered a unique way to turn bananas into art. The graphic artist and illustr.

l'artista di Instagram Elisa Froche, che dipingendo sul giallo ricrea elementi della cultura pop o semplicemente personaggi di fantasia.

She is a Banana artist, which all started when she was bored at work one day. She started doodling… on a banana.



Am i the only one who thinks this is awesome and would love to find a double banana?

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My Swallows and anchor tattoo by the legendary Suzi at Holdfast, Perth - master of traditional & old school tattoos(Babe)

Unusual Art by Kevin Van Aelst - Apple World

Funny pictures about Apple Globe. Oh, and cool pics about Apple Globe. Also, Apple Globe photos.

Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman | Bored Panda

Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits by Wes Naman