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Hmmmm nail biting is my little Pisces bad habit.  But surprisingly not one of mine

I love MUSIC! I used to bite my nails before I got braces and now result to almost constantly tapping something.and my dream guy is a Virgo!

Dont think im not interested...I am but sumtimes I just know things by being around a person and have no need to ask

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is the most advanced sign of the zodiac. You would never know it because they appear to b e emotionally dependent.

Isn't that truthful...

There is nothing weak about Pisces. Instead, Pisces watches from a distance and determines the best point of attack.

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Pisces has a song for every emotion, they connect well with music. - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!

i play instruments and sing and listen to music all day, i am glad i am a Pisces or this wouldn't make sence.Pisces: " ~ Pisces has a song for every emotion; they connect well with music.

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