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Kawai gankyu

Kawai Gankyu is an online shop based in Indonesia. We sell contact lenses made in Korea.

colored contacts | Home Skin Care Contact Lenses LIZ Eye Color Contact Lenses - 20 Colors

LIZ Eye Color Contact Lenses - 20 Colors

Plastic-free contact lenses cases. #plasticfreetuesday.com

Beverly Moon is raising funds for MOON Contact Lens Case on Kickstarter! A modern contact lens case designed for refined simplicity.

Handy tips for contact lens wearers, like how to tell if your lenses are inside-out.

Tips for wearing contact lenses: identifying inside-out lenses, how to apply and remove contacts, UV protection, and safety tips.

|iOptik-contact lenses augment vision, allowing for a 3-d immersive virtual reality for the wearer|

iOptik contact lenses augment your eyes and allow for futuristic immersive virtual reality

"iOptik contact lens for HUD/augmented reality. Display systems built into the lens and allows user to see both the projected image/data and real surroundings in focus simultanesously." Please be a real thing this is so super spy sci-fi i love it

Scientists at the University of Washington have been working on the development of these contact lenses. They are no ordinary lenses. It's a thought about the new version of the bluetooth headset. They are based along the same line as the Assisted Living Contact Lenses created around 2006. -ZC

Will Smart Contact Lenses Be the Bluetooth Headsets of the Future?

University of Washington are working on solar powered contact lenses with transparent LEDs embedded onto the lens. This technology could be applied in countless ways, from health monitoring to text translation right in front of the wearer's eyes.

A tiny contact lens that has embedded electronics and can display pixels to a person’s eye. (Babak Parviz, U of WA)

Google Begins Testing Its Augmented-Reality Glasses

Computer Contacts - Computers that fit in your eyes—that’s what opto-electronic contact lenses are. Babak Parviz of the University of Washington recent.

Contact Lens Do's and Don'ts  Helpful tips for caring for your contact lens and maintaining good vision hygiene

14 Tips On How To Improve Your Eyesight And Vision Naturally

Contact Lens Do's and Don'ts. Helpful tips for caring for your contact lenses and maintaining good vision hygiene