Hout tegen de wand

A kitchen in the Netherlands looks like your typical kitchen you would find in any Canadian house. Dutch kitchens are typically large because families in the Netherlands spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Lovely European kitchen features lightly stained cabinets fitted with white fleur de lis hooks paired with thick cream countertops framing a farmhouse sink and gooseneck faucet under window sill topped with plants as well  as mortar and pestle.

Oh my god, I'm SERIOUSLY loving the natural wood cabinets, the white thick counters, the black accent wall, and the open shelving. It looks so fucking sexy with the new stainless steel appliances. But I would definitely have a different floor.

A wonderful summer home in the Hamptons |  VIPP modules in white

The Vipp modular kitchen is an all-stainless design that applies professional detailing to the home kitchen. It is delivered as a complete finished design.

Visit | At home with Mia-Louise + 3 - French By Design


Danish style: an art-filled family apartment. Photography by Martin Solyst/Living Inside.

Cuisine ouverte - peinture murale + evier

Sophie Ferjani, décoratrice : visitez sa nouvelle maison plaine d'astuces déco