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I did not know I was on a search for passionate aliveness. I only knew I was lonely and lost and that something was drawing me deeper beneath the surface of my life in search of meaning. There is a hunger in people to go to those deep depths; to know that our lives are sacred; that our hearts are truly capable of love. It is a yearning to be all the we can be. A longing for what is real ~ Anne Hillman

Horse's ears forward and a kind expression on its face? Model enjoying being with horse rather than assuming an affected and ridiculous pose?

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Most photos like this make me thinl people that do stuff like this don't really know horses. Because a horse WILL and I repeat, WILL bite you. But again, it's pretty cute to look at.

Delicadeza nas palavras gera confiança. Delicadeza no pensamento gera profundidade. Delicadeza no doar-se gera amor. [Lao Tsé]

Fashion pictures or video of Martha Streck: Air France Madame; in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.

One day...I will ride every morning after I have my coffee.

"Every horse deserves, at least once in his life, to be loved by a little girl." I wish I knew who said that.

Just like my boy ❤️

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