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ENGLISH MEDIEVAL KNIGHT 1200-1300. http://www.knight-test.aspery.com.au/armour/english-medieval-knight1213.php

Let us take a gander at ten incredible facts one should know about the medieval English knights of the century.

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Norman knight, c. 1066 (Bayeux Tapestry in background) Bayeux Tapestry, medieval armor, knee length shirts with splits in front for riding.

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persian sassanid emperor Hormizd II with a roman prisoner.

Roman-Persian Wars – Surrender of the Roman Commander during the Hormozd II

KING EDWARD III - Roll of Arms of the Knights of the Garter installed during his reign Art Print

Roll of Arms - Knights of the Garter Installed during the Reign of King Edward III Art Print

Giorgio Albertini - Focus Storia: Enemigos de Bizancio, siglos XI-XIV.

Giorgio Albertini - Focus Storia: Enemigos de Bizancio, siglos XI-XIV.

The Scandinavian Baltic Crusades 1100–1500, Danish Crusade Against the Estonians, 1219. Osprey Publishing

1219 The Scandinavian Baltic Crusades Danish Crusade Against the Estonians, Angus McBride

Military leaders had a dominant role in the Ottoman state, a polity geared to war and expansion. The Turkic horsemen became a warrior aristocracy supported by control of conquered land and peasants.

Ottoman Soldiers of the Late Century Dear Reader, So, today, we had two votes for a post on Ottoman military effectiveness.