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cute punk bear/leather/gay couple, fuck the haters be express yourself and your love

enjoy the night [punk gay couple, fuck the haters - express yourself and your love]

HUMAN PUNK - John King ■ – « Fuck off cunT, Chris laughs, spitting out the T. It’s a game we play, doing what the teachers tell us, not dropping our Ts, taking the piss out of the same teachers who call us lazy, hooligans, thick. So we make the T stand out, but for one word only. »

My mate Jimmy at the corner hotel in Melbourne. Some guy just took his photo and made money from it with no credit or permission asked.

Punks on the tube, 1980s, back in the day when you could SMOKE on the TUBE!

Punk Fashion - inspired by punk rock music // teens began wearing messy, baggy, ripped up clothes // girls wore micro-minis with black fishnet stockings // spiked, pink hair and black leather jacket w/ metal trim