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"GAME OVER" SPIRAL DIRECT T-SHIRT Unisex Gothic/Occult/Biker/Rock/Skull/Gamer

Spiral Design posters: Spiral Design Reaper Game Over poster featuring an illustration of Death The Grim Reaper with Game Over carved on its knuckles. This Grim Reaper poster also has You Lose written across the bottom of the poster.


This song is so gripping and haunting - to me. Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't fear) The Reaper

"OH COME ON, WHY?" Alex walks over to the statue and points at the carved bones. "I'M NOT THAT SKINNY."

Honest Myth:European- Grim Reaper

Tom Riddle's gravestone at Harry Potter studio tours, London. Tom Riddle later became Lord Voldemort. (Tom Riddle was played by Christian Coulson in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets")

' To die leaves pain behind:  to live with the anguish of a conscience is far more difficult. All decisions affect others ~ do the least harm. '

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while we live. Never surrender - Norman Cousins

Grim Reaper - Come on baby (Don't fear the reaper) Baby take my hand (Don't fear…

Grim Reaper - Come on baby (Don't fear the reaper) Baby take my hand (Don't fear the reaper) We'll be able to fly (Don't fear the reaper) Baby I'm your man La, la la, la la La, la la, la la

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Use as story idea that takes place in the dangerous travel from the living to the afterlife, characters are a new deceased and their reaper

#Fantasy #Art #Goth - Summon the Reaper by Anne Stokes

...Till Death Do Us Part/Death Express...(All Aboard the Quit Smoking Train cont.)

This powerful young witch has cast a spell to stop time and summon the Reaper! you decide I have painted this artwork for my Summon the Reaper

Death / Skulls

Archaeologists discovered this mummy and skulls in a cave in Peru in 1915

grim reaper | Grim Reaper - Monster Wiki - a reason to leave the closet closed and ...

Grim Reaper

The grim reaper is a mythical idea sprung from the fear of death. It marks a great contrast to other afterlife ideas of heaven and angels