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-- "Yes, I am aware that we fight a lot, but we crave it like the only substance keeping us alive"--

I honestly don't know who they are. The girl's attitude stance, her school uniform and her look's, look's like Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! But the guy isn't her hot Usui. I would love to find out what anime this is.

// I feel I should note that I'm repinning these Wattpad things for the art and not the stories. I highly doubt these "characters" these writers use are even their intellectual property.

My girlfriend for a month (Gruvia Fanfic) ✔ [First place at FTWattyAwards] - Chapter 1: Be my Girl ♥

Draw this girl This is Cleo, one of my RP Characters. She is obsessed with pickles, and likes to chew on her hair when she gets nervous.

Beautiful female blonde warrior taking of her helmet after the battle. Eowyn?  The Warrior by carlosgarijo on deviantART

The Warrior by carlosgarijo on DeviantArt, warrior girl, woman armor, digital painting, inspirational art

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This anime girl could possibly be described as "emo," but I still enjoy this image immensely. but you "still enjoy this image"? Is there something wrong with The Emo style?I enjoy this picture because of it's emo style.