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Making a PVC sheath and survival dreams.

Survival Dreams and PVC Sheath Making

Discover How To Make A Knife Sheath From A Piece Of PVC Pipe - http://www.survivorninja.com/discover-how-to-make-a-knife-sheath-from-a-piece-of-pvc-pipe/

Here is a sort of redneck way to make a knife sheath. This is a quick way to make a knife sheath from a piece of thin walled PVC pipe.

Survival spear shooter / pocket sling bow made with pvc pipe and rubber tubing

Survival Spear Shooter Made With Pvc and Rubber

This is a tutorial on how to make a spear shooter that could be used in a survival situation for catching fish and small mammals. Hope everyone enjoys:)

How To Make A Survival Bow From PVC Pipe

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Handy PVC Pipe Hacks to Use Around the House | 101 Ways to Survive

A Knife Sheath Made From PVC Pipe An easy neck knife sheath made from PVC pipe using heat to soften and shape the pipe. I also use a Dremel tool, and a drill press as part of the process.