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33 Funny Pics

Very interesting post: 33 Funny Pics. Also dompiсt.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Pictures.

Theresa Himmer Iceland #glitter drip street art

Theresa Himmer Iceland glitter drip street art// Glitter on the walls? I love iceland!

V. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Street art in Brest (Recouvrance bridge / Pont de Recouvrance), France, by ZAG. Photo by ZAG MATCH. Just my favorite thing (street art) of my favorite movie!

StreetArt Eyes (StreetArtEyes1) on Twitter

Detail from a well-executed mural by NOK crew (via Streetart retards). A common theme in both US and non-US street art is the problems with American.


banksy break our hearts everyone breaks hearts hearts aren't shatter proof StreetART


Yoda Loves E.T.

Funny pictures about True love from another galaxy. Oh, and cool pics about True love from another galaxy. Also, True love from another galaxy.

#colores #cat

Street art rainbow cat colorful stripes Where? Artist anyone?

Putting this here to generate ideas.  I could see someone using a scary face, but not sure for what application besides a tissue. Maybe ectoplasm?

Berlin street art - the group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban objects into art. So awesome and creative !