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The first evil Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time -- Pan Peter Pan as a bad guy. I can't watch Finding Neverland anymore without thinking about this Peter Pan!

From Twitter: Adam Horowitz ‏@AdamHorowitzLA “@Jena McClendon McClendon Kittie Upon a Time: Tomorrow, his story is revealed. Who is Peter Pan? #SaveHenry pic.twitter.com/MWcRYBhXnR” #SaveHenry

Robbie Kay plays a dark evil Peter Pan in Neverland on Once Upon A Time Season 3 © Companies photo All Rights Reserved Miss him on Once, he was great! I am now scared of Peter Pan!

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Did I forget to introduce myself? I'm Peter, Peter Pan. And haven't you heard? I never fail.

Oh really, you don't think I am absolutely gorgeous? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Robbie Kay!

Robbie Kay (Peter Pan) from OUAT << This boy is evil. I hate him, and Peter Pan was always my favorite Disney character.but I love because he's PETER PAN but his evilness can be sexy too and ahhhhhhhhhh spoilers aaaaahhhhhhh