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I'm in love with nature's stunning purple and fuchsia this summer. Lavender image Sisley Garden Emporium My lavender plant is l.

Nossa quanta beleza

Fuchsia - as a little girl, my parents had a fuchsia plant in our yard. I was fascinated how unusual it was.

Sandersonia a real Autumn Flower.

Sandersonia a real Autumn Flower.

Sandersonia, Lantern shaped orange-yellow flowers, also called Chinese Lantern Lily (Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers)

Το παυσίπονο της ψυχής λέγεται επικοινωνία... Δε μετριούνται τα συναισθήματα. Ούτε σε πολύ ούτε σε λίγο. Νιώθεις ή δε νιώθεις. Παίζεις γιατί   είναι τρόπος χαλάρωσης, διασκέδασης και μάθησης.. Δε χρειάζονται ανταγωνισμοί και μικρότητες.. Η ζωή είναι μικρή... ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΗΣΕ ΤΑ ΔΙΚΑ ΣΟΥ ΠΡΕΠΕΙ ΜΕ ΑΓΑΠΗ ΚΑΙ ΧΑΜΟΓΕΛΑ!!!

Some folks think succulent plants are boring; check out the Echeveria flowers - Lovely !

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Physalis, chinese lantern (Physalis alkekengi, or the Chinese lantern, dries during spring. Once it is dried, the bright red fruit is seen.

~~Fuschia Flower by David Campione~~

Fuschia Flower by David Campione - Fuschia Flower Photograph - Fuschia Flower Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Such delicate & colorful beauty can only be designed by God -- how did He think of this?!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Build Your Own Raised Flower/Vegetable Bed

Queen's Tears - the color is unbelievable! It is a bromeliad, billbergia nutans known as a friendship plant (give its babies away). From Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay & Argentina. Makes a great house plant.