Michael Jackson: "Yeah, those tonsils look pretty bad. I think I would see a doctor pretty quick"!

i know

i know

Michael Jackson Dangerous, Michael Jackson Bad, Michael O'keefe, Jackson Life, King 3, Archangel Michael, Mj, Peter Pan, Joseph

Michael Jackson

Quando alguém fala mal do MJ

#wattpad #fanfiction Bad era. -1987  He was a Student just like me, Thats what i  tought. He was a shy boy but thats what i tought.. He became A Bad boy and thats how i Fell in love with him.. He was Michael Jackson and i didnt know it... Im Gabriella Richy , I was  just like every other student and also a Model at t...

Shamone -MJ (completed) - 24.

When Michael Jackson looked like this and even when he was brown skin was just . This is how I see him and will remember him (also the brown skin version)

Michael Jackson

Art with Soul - Colors - The King of Pop, Rock and Soul!

The Incomparable Michael Jackson!

The Incomparable Michael Jackson! You give me butterflies inside Michael.