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Let it Go <3 Elsa de diferentes etnias! Frozen pelo mundo! <3

Poland or is it not Nyo!Poland, that is the question-- Frozen-Hetalia - Let it go - by x-Lilou-chan-x on DeviantArt


Disney secrets< the minion from dispecable me just said WHAAAT? in my head. there is something wrong with me.<<no there is nothing wrong with you. that comes out my mouth, yours just said it in your head.

Disney Princesses Dressed as Superheroines For Halloween  These are great ideas for cosplay with the Disney princesses in different creative roles..

Disney Princesses Dressed as Superheroines For Halloween

Even More Disney Princesses Dress as Superheroines For Halloween! This Belle/Hermione crossover is amazing

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color pencil drawing by kristinawebb

All the Disney princesses in one by Kristina Webb Art. This just might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

É o ciclo sem fim que nos guiará

É o ciclo sem fim, que nos guiará

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This may be from the movie "Brave" but it's basically the story of my hair growing up! lol <-- I just can't get over the fact that Elinor actually got her hair STRAIGHT with only a HAIRBRUSH

Oooh someone is in Trouble!! :)

Uh-Oh Jack's gonna kill you! ~Jelsa ~Hiccup ~How to Train Your Dragon ~Frozen ~Disney crossover

Are You The Updated Or Original Version Of The Disney Princesses?

Are You The Updated Or Original Version Of The Disney Princesses?

Ballerina princesses, these are very pretty except for the fact that ballerinas don't tie up pointe shoes like that!

If all princess are mermaid instead.

My question is: Why is Ariel, the only actual mermaid princess, the most badly illustrated "if they were mermaids" princess of the bunch?<---ummm Ariel's not in this drawing.