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Panoramio - Photo of Weihnachten im SonyCenter, Berlin (x-mas ...

Photo of Weihnachten im SonyCenter, Berlin (x-mas, christmas)

Photograph:People gather in front of the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the opening of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. In October of that year, East Germanys hard-line communist leadership had been forced from power during the wave of democratization that swept through Eastern Europe.

Fall of the Berlin Wall. The beginning of the end of the Cold War. People walk freely atop the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate on Nov. one day after the border between East and West Berlin was opened.

Prenzlauer Straße

vintage everyday: Color Photographs of Streets of Berlin in 1937

C/O Berlin is moving to 'Amerika Haus' (photography 1950); contemporary art/photography gallery

Amerika Haus, with it’s beautiful architecture by Bruno Grimmek, is slowly turning into the new C/O Berlin.

am Nollendorfplatz, Berlin

am Nollendorfplatz, Berlin

Punks vor dem Kino "Kosmos" in der Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin-Friedrichshain

The Final Years of the GDR" outside the Kosmos cinema on Karl Marx Allee in Berlin)

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin's best-known monuments. The Quadriga, a statue consisting of the goddess of peace, driving a four-horse triumphal...

From Hamburg we go to Berlin. We plan to visit Check point Charlie, the Brandenburg gate and the Book burning memorial.

Berlin - Germany 4 bathers statue across from museum mile..

An established and hub for entertainment, people travel from all over the globe to see the creativities of Berlin