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The fact is we are all created differently. Curves, texture, thickness, shape that what makes us beautiful and sexy. Love yourself, we are not all meant to look the same.

Emotional Pain Spots Pain Relief Pain Management

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Our emotions can take a toll on our body and make us feel pain in certain spots depending on the emotion and the mental thought patterns they take. Here are the emotional spots and what causes them.

Is this true ? Well ...inspiration

Healthy new cells are replaced through out your body regularly! To get healthy get your trial today.

Why Body Hate Hurts - http://www.livingthenourishedlife.com/2014/02/body-hate #body #hate #love #yourself

Why Body Hate Hurts

Why Body Hate Hurts The Nourished Life. Especially for the girls out there who grew up getting picked apart.

The shocking secret damage Diet Coke and Coca Cola are causing inside you - goodtoknow

New research reveals 'no solid evidence' that Diet Coke is better for us than Coca Cola

What happens one hour after drinking a can of Diet coke revealed

Keeping it 100!  I did feel like this after my first day at the gym hahaha!

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The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle - Dr. Axe http://www.draxe.com #health #Holistic #natural

How to overcome a sedentary lifestyle and get moving

The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle & How to Overcome It: Wake up. Sit in the car during traffic for 45 minutes. Sit at desk, check emails and do some work. Move to confer.

La salud no es sobre el peso que pierdes, sino sobre la vida que ganas

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