Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles looking all tough.


alliekitaguchi: “ houseshead: “ hello welcome to sam winchester’s greatest fear not becoming a monster it’s being estranged from his brother kindly fuck off if you think sam doesn’t.

Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins Entertainment Weekly Special Hallowen 2017 photoshoot

I always felt bad for Adam because even now in Season 9 he's still trapped in Hell with Michael and Lucifer. But Dean did try to get him back with the help of Death, only Death made him choose, Sam's Soul or Adam! And the whole point of the show isn't about the monsters and how they save the world it's the fact that they're brothers and even though they have their moments of doubt with each other. No matter what Dean will always choose Sam before anything or anyone!!!

ADAM IS NOT IN HELL THOUGH! So I saw this thing the other day and that said when lucifer killed micheal and then micheal came back he didn't bring Adam back too just like when Cas died the first time Jimmy Novak died! SO ADAM IS IN HEAVEN!

You can see the happiness drain out of them I'm gonna go crawl in a hole and die now bye.

what will season 10 be like. << the differences for both Sam and Dean from season 6 to 7 is so sad! :"( You can just see how much they aged between one season