Japanese art Maruyama Oukyo

Japanese art Maruyama Oukyo This is completely unlike any of the other works I was able to locate. Is there a contemporary artist by the same name?

migration from Waterfowl in Iowa, by Jack and Mary Musgrove; illustrated by Maynard F. Reece, 1943

The illustration 'Forney Lake' from the book 'Waterfowl in Iowa.' / The Bookworks

numero nineteen

Jon Klassen Great example of how things get paler and and smaller as they recede. Good for an art lesson.

Moby Dick illustration by Max. by mayra

Moby Dick illustration by Max. by mayra

I’m jealous of michelle morin

i’m jealous of michelle morin (The Jealous Curator)

These gorgeous nature-filled watercolor groupings are the work of American artist Michelle Morin.

m-memeng: “ artoftumblr: “ (via sharingendorphins, insalatadiparole) ” ”

Accidental Mysteries, 05.22.11, gallery of images

Lake of fire by on deviantART. This is fabulous. Digital manipulation but would be a great etching technique.

The Whale. Would be a cool art project. Looking at things from a different perspective. -Emphasis because your eye goes directly to the huge whale so close to the small boat.

Natural Parallels photo by Camille Romano; Pispala, 2010 - I like the geometry and the purity of the image

Ray Morimura (b.1948) ;  He is a Japanese artist from Tokyo who works mostly with wood block prints by faiffann

Gorgeous use of lines and textures to create a captivating landscape: Ray Morimura - Japanese artist from Tokyo works mostly with wood block prints