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Portrait of my favourite primate

grumpy monkey --- Golden Headed Lion Tamarin ,First offering of 2012 (by Steve - 1 Million+ (safe) views - thank you)

Universal language? ...40+ Breathtaking and Heart warming Portraits Of Wild Animals (aside from this one ;)

50 Breathtaking and Heart warming Portraits Of Wild Animals

Wild Life and Animal photography is probably one of the most dangerous but Breathtaking and Heart warming, hope you will like Portraits Of Wild Animals

portrait by Jill Greenberg, probably black faced vervet monkey

DIANA MONKEY (Cercopithecus diana) - © Jill Greenberg The Diana Monkey is is an Old World monkey found in West Africa, from Sierra Leone to Côte d’Ivoire. It is found in the primeval forests, and does not thrive in secondary forests.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Learn interesting information for kids about new world monkeys. Find out more about what new world monkeys are and improve your knowledge with DK Find Out.

expressões animais - Pesquisa Google

Monkey-ing around: This barbary macaque looks like it is having a ball at the Upper Rock Nature reserve on the island of Gilbraltar, while Otis the hippo gives the camera a toothy grin

Cotton Top Tamarin - critically endangered

The Cottontop Tamarin, also known as the Pinché Tamarin, is a small New World monkey weighing less than kg). The wild population is estimated a.

50+ Photography to Celebrate Happy Mother’s Day

50+ Photography to Celebrate Happy Mother's Day

A Mother's Love by Annemarie Rulos - vd Berg.Looks like Gerty an her Mother in by book Gerty the Different Giraffe.

Black & white Angolan Colobus Monkey found in the forests of central Africa cruising the treetops. They are known to be great leapers, able to cover ore than 30 feet at a time to get from tree to tree!

Ghana Wildlife Society GWS located in Accra, Ghana. Ghana Wildlife Society GWS company contacts on Ghana Directory. Send email to Ghana Wildlife Society GWS.

Trumps lawyer.

Trumps lawyer.

Wolf's Mona Monkey

Portrait of a Wolf's Mona Monkey is found in central Africa, primarily between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. It lives in primary and secondary lowland rainforest and swamp forest.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Headed Lion Tamarin at colchester zoo Copyright © KJR wildlife photography.