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Snowflake magnified under microscope

online snowflake library: The Bentley Collection.
Thousands of snow crystals available for view online for free

SNOWFLAKE LIBRARY - Can random chance create complex structures? Can snow create a snowman (with eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet) by random chance (in million years)?


Let It Snowflake!

isn't it incredible what nature makes?Wallpaper and background photos of Real Snowflakes! for fans of Christmas images.

Water crystal of a snowflake

Images: The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close

Microscopic picture of an actual snowflake--amazingly beautiful! If God cares enough to make every snowflake this beautiful can you imagine what He must want to do with you?

Snowflakes Up Close - Stellar dendrite.  These types of snowflakes are actually very rare, perhaps one in a million.

Images: The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close

The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close A stellar dendrite Credit: Kenneth G. A stellar dendrite. Stellar means star-like, and the word dendrite comes from the Greek work for tree.