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f0125a070A | by SnowCrystals.com

f0125a070A | by SnowCrystals.com


Let It Snowflake!

isn't it incredible what nature makes?Wallpaper and background photos of Real Snowflakes! for fans of Christmas images.

Water crystal of a snowflake

Images: The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close

Microscopic picture of an actual snowflake--amazingly beautiful! If God cares enough to make every snowflake this beautiful can you imagine what He must want to do with you?

online snowflake library: The Bentley Collection.
Thousands of snow crystals available for view online for free

SNOWFLAKE LIBRARY - Can random chance create complex structures? Can snow create a snowman (with eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet) by random chance (in million years)?

Snowflakes Up Close - Stellar dendrite.  These types of snowflakes are actually very rare, perhaps one in a million.

Images: The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close

The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close A stellar dendrite Credit: Kenneth G. A stellar dendrite. Stellar means star-like, and the word dendrite comes from the Greek work for tree.