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Rock Me- One Direction

Use colorful markers and different fonts to achieve an awesome song lyric drawing!

28 Days of Fangirl Music (Day 15) Song Not Many People Know But You Love: Just Can't Let Her Go - Isac Eliot One Direction gave it away. It's so good... -Em

Just Can't Let Her Go - One Direction. Been in my head ALL day! Lalalalalala just can't let her go

Midnight Memories - One Direction

Baby you and me stumbling on the streets singing midnight memories. Midnight Memories Lyrics - One Direction

i cryed the first 5 seconds I heard this im not even lying, I cryed for 10 minutes straight <3

Story if my life by one direction ❤️ I love this song @ HarryStyles Guthrie Guthrie Damaske ozaeta Sheldon Sheldon Rubio Payne Thompson Thompson Thompson Ward Ward Ward Elias

"It feels like I'm constantly playing, a game that I'm destined to lose! Cause I can't compete with your boyfriend, he's got 27 tattoos!!!"

Reality ruined your life mister? Well sit down and let me tell you how management money AND reality ruined my life my friend