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i liked the eye makeup. i think it looks dark and sinister but beautiful at the same time which is the kind of look i am trying to achieve with my character

IN FEATHERS by Simona Smrckova. I do kind of love the minimalist makeup in combination with the glamorous smattering of feathers.

Ahes was also referred to as Dahud-Ahes and Dahut.  According to Patricia Monaghan, “this pagan princess lived in Brittany, the far-western Celtic wilderness of France, during the period when the Christian monks were destroying the remnants of the old European religion – the worship of maternal nature.  These flesh-despising monks ruined the princess’

Boudica: Queen of the Iceni Tribe of Britain. She led an uprising against the occupying Roman forces. Was reputed to be a red-haired beauty, too. It is thought now that Boudica never existed but was just a personification of Britain in its early uprisings