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Looking to add a wow factor to your Halloween costume? Then book your appointment now. Halloween is my favorite time of year, so let me transform you.

Łatwy makijaż na halloween

Łatwy makijaż na halloween

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20+ Examples Of Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas You Should See

Without this ghoulish face paint, Nikki Shelley (also known as The Painting Lady), is a loving mother. But give her some face paint and you'll see her transform herself before your eyes. This is definitely bound to keep you awake at night.

Her use of imagery is detailed and deceptive, tricking our eyes into experiencing an entirely new face!


Cracked ✖️ Used cupcakes & monsters palette, paradise palette in basic, Primal colour in hot black & Matte Black liquid liner.


No costume? No problem. These Halloween makeup ideas are all you need to pull off the ultimate last-minute costume