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Who’s Space

I wanted to do a retro comic book style illustration of my favorite hero of time and space.

doctor who ice cube tray

Doctor Who TARDIS Chocolate Mold . I don't care if it's a chocolate mold, this would bey ice cube tray.

Shop Doctor Who Love Tardis time and relative dimension in space t-shirts designed by JSKerberDesigns as well as other time and relative dimension in space merchandise at TeePublic.

10 Disney Heroines Chosen To Be "Doctor Who" Companions - BuzzFeed Mobile - I love this one, though.

10 Disney Heroines Chosen To Be "Doctor Who" Companions

BEST THING EVER! 10 Disney Heroines Chosen To Be "Doctor Who" Companions. Even the ladies of Disney can’t resist the call of a mad man in blue box. Artist Karen Hallion mostly leaves which Doctor to your imagination.

I RAN AWAY!  Doctor who!

Doctor Who: TARDIS - I wanted to see the universe so I stole a time lord and ran away. Who stole who?

Vworp! Vworp!

My fiance's phone has the lightsaber sound assigned for my incoming texts. But his female bff (and groomsgirl) gets the TARDIS sound. Trying to not be jealous.) -- lightsaber sound for him, tardis sound for her - how have I not thought of this?

Doctor who

this is art, geek, hot guy, and every good thing! illustration III :Alice X. Zhang, Matt Smith as The Doctor.

"Oh Hello!" by ~Atlantistel  Seeing the TARDIS door in the scene where they are trying to find Boo's door was fab!

But here's the thing.THIS IS PERFECT. in monsters inc, when sully and mike were chasing Randall, you can find the tardis door, so this could have actually totally happened in the movie.

Ninth doctor by Chikkv

"I think you need a Doctor." This is my art of the Doctor and Rose Tyler from the Series 1 finale, still one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes! A lot of plot has happened since then so I thoug.

Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card  I know too many people that are Dr Who fans not to pin this

Triple Threat Librarian: Tutorial: Bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS card - Somewhat involved, but a fun craft idea for a Doctor Who party

make your own giftbag

Printable build your own paper tardis. Timey wimey and crafty wafty!

Awwwww I'd love it if he actually did this

11 Gorgeous, Poignant Pieces Of Doctor Who Fan Art. "In case you weren't already having enough feelings about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who." This was on farewell to Matt smith.

Best kinda jewelry

Doctor Who TARDIS Friendship Necklaces from Spiffing Jewelry. I need to get this for myself and my bestie. She is the doctor to my companion after all!

Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor declared a number of things to be cool during his time on Doctor Who. | 11 Things That Matt Smith Made Cool On "Doctor Who"

The Doctor's list of cool things. As I watch more into reign as the Doctor, I realize he is me. We both think absolutely ridiculous things are cool. No matter what other people say.