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Learn how to customize your very own set of nesting dolls. It's easy and the possibilities are endless!

DIY Modern Russian Nesting Dolls - Brave New Home - turn an old or unfinished set of nesting dolls to match your decor.

set of 4 dolls Custom family nesting matryoshka dolls

Custom Family Nesting Dolls

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Bright red wood dolls, with flowers each with a different colour on the front, except the swaddled baby!

.love these

rfmmsd: “Artist: Irene Garcia “Nesting Dolls” “ “Nesting dolls inspired by Egyptian and Minoan mythology.

Such charmingly adorable "bashful Russian nesting dolls".

she plays with them every time she over Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Wylie's house.

Panda Nesting Dolls US$17.95

This set of five panda nesting dolls can be an adorable toy or a decorative item for her/his room.

red riding hood nesting doll snack holders - perhaps not super practical, but definitely super cute

LITTLE RED HOOD BY MIKE HE .a Matryoshka doll that combines the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale with the layered Russian doll. Says He, "Not only for fun, this is actually a food container set.

Wood Nesting Doll, Panda - These hand-painted panda nesting dolls are perfect for adding cuteness to any kids' room.

Wood Nesting Doll, Panda - asian - kids toys - - by Old Shanghai Online

Vintage Nesting Doll Vintage Nesting by BackInTimeBabushkas

Rare Korean Vintage Nesting Dolls, Vintage Nesting Penguins, Vintage Wooden Penguin Figurines