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Yes!!! Especially my fucking room! (Especially when you wanna act like it's your house but don't wanna pay your fair share)

Never ever do this to the signs I'm a Virgo and I hate those things especially invading my space

Capricorn astrological sign fairy art print by by strangeling, $13.99

Jasmine Becket-Griffith art BIG print SIGNED Capricorn astrological sign january in Art, Art from Dealers & Resellers, Prints

MHcd - Amethyst Incandescence by on @DeviantArt

PLEASE NOTE: I do not allow any use of my designs. the latest addition to the astrology series i'm working on; Capricorn the water-goat. ironic since it's an earth sign. also associated with femini.

Sophia Loren Doll another good example of the fashion keys  for cappy

A recent comission. A former Gene Marshall repainted and re-rooted as Sophia Loren as she appeared in the film El Cid.