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that black and white woven chair is amazing

Geometric Design chairs by just wrapping and weaving cords. I bet something like this can be done using pvc pipes.

Upcycled chaise longue

It's an incredibly inefficient shopping cart! It's an incredibly uncomfortable lounger! It's an incredibly useless shopping cart lounger!

Miss Cheeks // Wilfrid Wood

Not seen Wilfrid Wood lately? He's been busy sculpting Tom Daley

(via Svensson | Style Addiction)

Svensson is a lamp, a desk, a seat or a shelf.whatever the owner needs or want it to be. The foldable ladder-lamp-object with a maximal deep of and an even thinner glasbowl comes with the opportunity to storage it flat on the wall.

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Cool Kids Furniture – Writing Desk, Storage and Chair

Norwegian designer Amy Hunting has designed the Felt & Gravity Furniture series. Each furniture unit in the collection feature hanging storage shelves

Sphaera Soap

Sphaera Soap