OH house

The OH House, designed by Japanese architectural firm Atelier Tekuto (Yasuhiro Yamashita), built on an irregularly shaped lot meters lower than the road.

Residential 住宅・集合住宅 /

OKM is a 4 story building designed for a private residence and apartment units located in Tokyo. The and floor provide a parking space and 3 apartment units, and the and floor hold the owner’s residential space. There is a pocket par

Casa com escada, varanda frontal e acabamento branco.

If you still think of factory-built homes as "double-wides," you may want to check out Sheri Koones' new book, to be released tomorrow.

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贅沢ガレージの家 (ハスカーサ(HaScasa))|ガレージのある家_カテゴリー|建築実例|埼玉・千葉・東京の注文住宅ならポラス(POLUS)の注文住宅

贅沢ガレージの家 (ハスカーサ(HaScasa))|ガレージのある家_カテゴリー|建築実例|埼玉・千葉・東京の注文住宅ならポラス(POLUS)の注文住宅