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Agnolo di Cosimo Bronzino - Lorenzo de' Medici / Painting / Bronzino

Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent by Bronzino

Hans Holbein the Younger - Anne of Cleves  (1515-1557) - portrait dated to 1539

Fourth wife of King Henry VIII. The marriage was later annulled. Painted by Hans Holbein the Younger.Wallpaper and background photos of Anne of Cleves, Fourth WIfe of King Henry VIII of England for fans of Kings and Queens images.

The Portrait Formerly Known as Catherine Parr ... now identified as Catherine of Aragon.

Staff from the National Portrait Gallery were researching someone else at Lambeth Palace when they spotted the portrait 'of Catherine Parr' and realised it wasn't her.

Mary Queen of Scots by François Clouet, 1559-60 France, Royal Collection    White mourning was the deepest form of mourning in medieval times and in later years among the queens of France.  In the portrait, Mary Queen of Scots (who was once queen consort of France) wears white to mourn the death of King Francis II.

François Clouet Mary, Queen of Scots, shown in white mourning 'en deuil blanc' to mark the loss of three members of her immediate family within a period of eighteen months.

Aliénor d'Aquitaine

Aliénor d'Aquitaine

January 5, 1762: Born, Constanze (Weber) Mozart. Constanze was born into a musical family, so it's perhaps not surprising that she was captivated with young Wolfgang, an unsuccessful suitor of her older sister. When her parents opposed their marriage, Constanze simply moved in with Wolfgang, and a marriage was quickly arranged to salvage her reputation.

1782 portrait of Constanze Mozart by her brother-in-law Joseph Lange.

Elizabeth of York (married Henry Vll after battle of Bosworth Field). She was the daughter of Edward the 4th.

Elizabeth of York Daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville Born: 11 February 1466 Married Henry VII: 18 June 1486 Died: 11 February 1503 Children: Arthur Prince of Wales Margaret Queen of Scotland Henry VIII Mary Queen of France 18

Su familia política...Madre de reyes...su historia es realmente fascinante!!....La reina dilató 10 años en poder tener hijos. El más pequeño a la izquierda a quién llamaban "el renacuajo" o "sapito"  fue el último de los hijos pretendientes de la reina Isabel de Inglaterra...así cómo anteriormente sus otros hermanos...a pesar de ser homosexual!

Catherine de Medici and her children: Charles IX, Henry III, Francis the duke dAlenon, and Margaret queen of Navarre. Once in the collection of Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill, it is now in the Victoria and Albert.

Portrait of Katharina von Bora, 1529 - Lucas Cranach the Elder

Small winged altar with the Resurrection of Christ, St. Barbara (Left Wing) and St. Catharine (right Wing), 1510 by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Jaquetta of Luxemburg, Jaquetta Woodville mother of the "White Queen."

Viewing the Woodvilles, without whom English history would be so very different, in a fresh light.

King Charles IX of France in Pensive Mood, 1837-1844 by K.P.M

viktor-sbor: “ K. French King Charles IX seated in a pensive pose ”

Marguerite de Valois, Queen of France -  (b.1553 - d.1615) known as 'la reine Margot'

history-of-fashion: “ ab. 1572 Unknown artist - Marguerite de Valois, Queen of France, first wife of Henry IV ”

Marie de Guise, mother of Mary Queen of Scots. Married 1534 with Louis, the duke of Longueville and 1537 with James V, the king of Scots.

Marie de Guise, mother of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Queen Regent of Scotland during Mary's minority

Cesare d'Este duca di Modena

Cesare d'Este – December was Duke of Modena and Reggio from 1597 until his death. During his reign, in the House of Este lost the Duchy of Ferrara. Succeeded by his son, Alfonso III.