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Did you know that baby elephants suck their trunk for comfort in much the same way human babies suck their thumbs?

Baby elephant Sutton at West Midland Safari Park.

A newborn elephant at West Midlands Safari Park recently pressed a "cute button" across the world when its picture was shared on social media around the world. But why do photos of young animals pull on the heartstrings so much?

Adorable baby elephant

this melts my heart. Baby elephants look just as sweet and shy as dumbo :)

The abused circus elephants who were reunited at an elephant sanctuary after 25 years apart.

These Circus Elephants Were Reunited 25 years Later At An Elephant Sanctuary. Their Story Is Moving love animals amazing elephant story animal interesting wild life elephants facts stories heart warming

Adorable newborn African Elephant calf in Botswana.

Adorable newborn African Elephant calf in Botswana - ALWAYS question the photo's origin when you don't see the Mom or Aunties in the photo with the baby.

Mamá elefante y bebé

Mamá elefante y bebé


Love seeing wild animals in exotic places! Beautiful baby elephant~~~love the fuzzy head~~~ Paradise Tanager by Nathan Rupert: Beautiful!