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like your dad's attractive friend that you used to deny was attractive but now you just accept it.

He's so attractive in a non threatening way😂 no but honestly too bad I wasn't born like 29 years earlier or else we'd be around the same age smh

Martin Freeman, promotional photoshoot for ‘Boy Meets Girl’ Yum yum yummy!

Martin Freeman~ Because he's not adorable, or cute, or whatever. He's dashing, and handsome, and awesome.

nic on

Martin Freeman being all beautiful, with his lovely nose and big eyes and grey hair.

I want one.

nixxie-fic: “ New Martin Freeman Edit 03 - from his newly released Whisky Tango Foxtrot stills - ” smoking hot what the hell

sherlockstuff: ““ Martin’s 5 words to describe Peter Jackson ” ”

sherlockstuff: ““ Martin’s 5 words to describe Peter Jackson ” ”

Sherlock: so are you really keeping that? John: yes my girlfriend likes it Sherlock: no she dosnt

Making middle age sexy.

benewhobatch: “ roadswewalk: “ love-in-mind-palace: “ thelostsmiles: “ themanandthemachine: “ escaroles: “ yorkiepug: “ “ hereatjohnlockhell: “ thelostsmiles: “ sociopath-of-hogwarts: “.

Martin Freeman ... I <3 him heaps and bunches.  (*Huh.  Stubble def works but still on the fence abt the mustache.  kmh*)

I think Martin Freeman kinda like british RDJ. I mean look at his height, fashion sense and his sassiness. But Freeman is more adorable with that cute face.

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman Just look at this cutie ♥ You cant love this adorable face♥♥♥