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A Most Unusual 1920s/1930s House....But Was It Meant To Be A Toy? By Celia Thomas - KT Miniatures - Dolls' Houses Past & Present

KT Miniatures Journal: Some Fascinating Additional Information That May Just Be The Answer To This Mystery!

Image result for half-timber cottage dollhouse

Image result for half-timber cottage dollhouse

Scandal has marred Miniatures.com's 17th annual Creatin' Contest. The third place winner has resigned ("think about the chirren") and the world of miniatures is in shock over the second place winner, Meth Lab dollhouse. http://www.miniatures.com/17th-Creatin-Contest-W1606.aspx What do you think? Is a drug house appropriate subject matter for a contest for dollhouse hobbyists?

Inappropriate miniaturing

The Elkin House, Doll's House made by Cohen, Meyer, England, 1800-1830.

The Elkin House

The Elkin House (Dolls' house) by Cohen, Meyer, (made). Dolls' house known as the Elkin House made in England between 1800 and Museum Number