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Writing Prompt: Historical photos

Writing prompt for upper elementary. May be controversial but helps teach real history and gets them to www their point of view to create lasting impact

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 25 Pics

So far, our barking has saved Mom and Dad from murder by 40 mailmen, 16 UPS drivers, 3 Girl Scouts, 28 cats and 1 sketchy looking plastic bag on the road. and they remain ungrateful.

The size of the computer in the 1950’s -  WTF fun facts

Elliott 405 computer in First computer purchased by the City Treasurer’s Department in Norwich, UK, Photograph via Norfolk Record Office

1934 selfie stick - WTF fun facts  | Visit http://gwyl.io/  for more diy/kids/pets videos

A literal selfie stick. Photograph of Helmer Larsson and his wife, Naemi Larsson in Sweden,

Group of girls wear their gas-masks during a gas drill. Moscow , 1930s

Group of girls wear their gas-masks during a gas drill. Moscow , 1930s

Group of girls wear their gas-masks during a gas drill (emergency response exercise with gas masks).

How To Become A Keyboard Ninja With These Keyboard Shortcuts…

Can't remember those short cuts your children showed you on the computer? Here is a chart entitled the Essential Keyboard Shortcuts (grouped by type) that has the most commonly used computer shortcuts.

So cute!!!!

So it's basically my dream to get asked to prom like this after tennis practice. My life would be made 🎾❤ --With the tennis balls stuck in the fence saying Prom

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20 utterly unique historical photographs you’ve probably never seen before

Android X iOS

Especially with the release of iPhone 6 there is talk and speculation that Apple is replicating Android's style. One thing is clear here; the best mobile

LOL!!! :)

Well he has nothing to worry about in the first place because that's not a deer