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Richard Armitage:      Thorin Oakenshield: The Hobbit....       Guy of Gisborne: Robin Hood (TV series)    ;) want

Richard Crispin Armitage - really handsome (born English actor famous for his roles as John Thornton in NORTH & SOUTH, & Guy of Gisborne in ROBIN HOOD.

The Hobbit: "I remember having The Hobbit read to me in school ... and then going home and sitting with it by myself--without being told. It was the first time I picked up a book and couldn't put it down." Richard Armitage (Thorin)

The Hobbit, Richard Armitage (Thorin) I love when actors started out as fans

One should not find a hobbit so attractive. ...Richard Armitage - Thorin Oakenshield (EEEP!!)

Which Male "Lord Of The Rings" Character Would Fall In Love With You?

Middle-earth: Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage), "The Hobbit.

The Cast Of "The Hobbit" Pose With Their Lego Doppelgängers - Richard Armitage (Thorin)

The Cast Of "The Hobbit" Pose With Their Lego Doppelgängers

The Hobbit cast get it on with their Lego Minifigs. The Hobbit Cast & Their LEGO – SFcrowsnest

Thorin taking photos with iPhone. Oh my gosh, I find this way more adorable than it actually is. *fangirling*

Richard Armitage taking pictures of New Zealand with his iPhone. Very classy, Richard.

LOTS OF TEARS FROM WHO?? ME??? YES, @374thia IS MY WITNESS, I NEARLY BROKE HER ARM. I'm crying now!!!!!! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

Richard Armitage on Thorin Oakenshield's death scene in The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies

Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage)

Looks are deceiving: Impish Martin is the sharp one; smoldering Richard is the sensitive one.

Poor Richard! It just wasn't the right time; and look at your reward for trying again!

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Lee Pace/ Richard Armitage interview I think Richard might've been able to pull off Legolas.