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Ever King of the wood elves. He is Marin's grandfather, and last living relative.

Арда,фэндомы,длиннопост,Трандуил,Thranduil ,Синдар,Квенди,Леголас,Арагорн,Нуменорцы,Атани,Украдено,фотошоп

Арда,фэндомы,длиннопост,Трандуил,Thranduil ,Синдар,Квенди,Леголас,Арагорн,Нуменорцы,Атани,Украдено,фотошоп

Thranduil MUST have his own movie. Call it 'Vigorous Spring'.

Thranduil needs his own movie because I guess he's a little misunderstood. He's such a great and wonderfull character and we see so little of him.

Thorin smiles Thorin is Richard Armitage in The Hobbit,the Desolation of Smaug You remember this part of the movie, right? It was on the Pelorus River on the South Island of New Zealand. Marlborough....wine country. We are going to camp there. Glam-camping. Start looking for your tent and fixin's. Store them on your own board to pull later. We will be there on Feb 16th after crossing on the ferry. We will hike, bike, ride the river,.your choice. You don't need a dozen, just one...

Thorin smiles in the bushes Thorin is Richard Armitage in Hobbit Movie

Be still my beating heart!! Lee Pace as Thranduil

Lee Pace as Thranduil in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. costume design - too fab for this cloak

(Edited for language. And to correct elk to moose. Cuz that a MOOSE.)

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lol this is acting in a nutshell


Book II: The Saga of Thranduil Chapter I: I am Thranduil (Part I) “Tall, with the broad shoulders of the high elves of the Teleri—of the Sindar—with the finest and longest of golden hair. Upon a face.


The Hobbit - Battle of the Five Armies - Poster - Thranduil: Lee Pace!