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Awed by his power I was, and unsure of what he would do.  But when I first touched him, a thrill went through me like nothing I've ever felt.  I was but five when I first met my best friend Shkerya.  An odd name, you say?  Not for an elephant.

Funny pictures about Young girl and elephant. Oh, and cool pics about Young girl and elephant. Also, Young girl and elephant.

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This is beautiful ( Elephants love reunions. They recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy. There’s bellowing and trumpeting, ear flapping and rubbing.

In fondo al mare, dove tutto è silenzio, un'ostrica mostra al mondo terreno il suo frutto più prezioso, a te aprirla senza romperla, a te aprirla con quel momento troverai il tesoro più bello, ed allora sarà per sempre.

would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day whenever I get married & hang it in my bathroom or bedroom. I love couple photos that are so intimate

Se reencontraram depois de anos... adoro o charme e a classe!!! ༺༻༺•*✿Sσℓαηgє Hσℓmє✿•*༺༻༺  ❤❤❤

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bristol, england, 1936. photo by george w. hales.

Isnt she a little to young to be traveling by herself ? Bristol Railway Station, England, 1936 A young passenger asks a station attendant for directions. Bristol Railway Station, England, by George W.

photos anciennes - L'Atelier de Jojo

where else would you sleep? that must have been a really long ride ! whimsical, sweet and very cute sleeping child real wonderful life photo

Malawi a landlocked country in southern central Africa, in the Great Rift Valley, on the western shore of Lake Nyasa; population 15,028,800 (est. 2009); capital, Lilongwe; official languages, English and Nyanja.

Elephant approach from the front - African Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) approach from the front - Etosha National Park (Namibia)~ Johan Swanepoel

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Some days I just want to run to the ocean and...

Baby elephant playing on the beach picture series. This face plant was the funniest of all :D

This the coolest thing I have ever seen. so beyond jealous.

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Friendship is one of the most precious gift of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough. Friendship makes life thrilli.

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These Circus Elephants Were Reunited 25 years Later At An Elephant Sanctuary. Their Story Is Moving love animals amazing elephant story animal interesting wild life elephants facts stories heart warming

Love comes in many different shapes and sizes

Petite Lap Giraffes - Who Wouldn't Want One?

Ummm this is my dream come true! The love between Elephant and a boy. Elephant are very intelligent and sentimental animals with amazing memories.

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This affectionate scene was not staged. The elephant were recorded holding trunks while walking in Masai Mara, Kenya, as shown in the doc "One Life.

Elephant Appreciation Day (elefante)

Original vintage magazine ad for Sanforized Plus featuring a fabulous photo of an elephant wearing pants. Sample ad copy or tagline: This is an elephant. Wearing a pair of pants. Publication Year: 1963 Approximate Ad Size (in inches): 10 x Condition: VG