Syran JOHN FRISEUR Kurze Blonde weiblich Gerade Farbige Multi-tonalen Spikey Frauen Büro Haarschnitt Frisuren hairstyles

Syran John Hairdressing - Short Blonde Female straight coloured multi-tonal spikey womens office haircut very-short hair styles. Hair and Make up: Syran John Art Team at Syran John Hairdressing , Photography: Stacey Clarke. Image No: 23210

18+20. Макияж я бы сделала, но очень незаметный. Тон лица, немного румян, брови и ресницы. Помада неяркая, матовая.

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All Ages 2008 |

Aus der Kollektion Apocalyps Editions - All Ages 2008 2010

#natalie she is so beautiful and soooo smart and sooooooo talented. I just want to be her.

This is the magnificent Natalie Portman. Probably taken after her infamous buzzcut for "V is for Vendetta." No woman ever looked better with short hair

Jamie Lee Curtis.  I love the cut... would love to get it, though am not too sure I could pull it off.  Not that short, anyway.

Jamie Lee Curtis with short, grey, gorgeous hair. Now thus is aging gracefully, and with total style - I salute you!