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Me when doing any kind of homework<<< lol I have two test I'm not studying for. EH I'll do it at five in the morning (I get up that early)


GERMANY'S MAID FETISH IS REAL << OH MY GODS HAHAHAHA okay so do you think seeing italy dressed as a girl maid gave him flashbacks to hre cause i totally think so <<have u guys forgot the time where he was like let's show our ducks no girls around?

UK bros with Chibi Arthur. Well at least they're not throwing rocks at him.

England {Arthur Kirkland}, APH Wales {Dylan Kirkland}, APH Ireland, and APH Scotland {Allistor Kirkland} - Hetalia {Kirkland Brothers}

Hetalia /America-England-Canada //Source- favouritefi (Tumblr)<<< XD ''The fight'' ,England's face,omg

Hetalia /America-England-Canada _ OMG Canada XD And the look on Britain's face was hilarious

Lol he is like, "Here is the secret behind my jacket. Now, since you know, I must kill you!"

Presenting the amazing hero coat! Now you can easily carry around all the essentials that a hero needs! (Food is not included.) Order yours today!

The Chronicles of Cards - 右近+左近 - Hetalia - America - Alfred Jones

*big puppy dog eyes* ~ The Chronicles of Cards - 右近+左近 - Hetalia - America - Alfred Jones

**EDIT 2: 2000+ NOTES IDEK ANYMORE---//jump out of window **EDIT: How did this get 330 notes on tumblr in half a day ; _ ; <3 Reblog on tumblr v u v <3 cakeyhunny.tumblr.com/post/603… ...

I'm all of these at times, but mostly it's True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Good, and Neutral Evil.<<<I'm like all three evils at the same time

Uh Oh by shygurl914.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - Alfred and Matthew

I am Canada in this bc every time we get the option to play hockey I'm P.E I drag my friends and make them play hockey. *serious af voice * hockey, we're playing hockey

Lol let give Germany some credit

Only German Sparkle party. <<<< Only DOITSU can have the sparkles<<ain't no sparkle like a DOITSU sparkle