Mass Effect artwork by Mikko Kinnunen

Art That Brings The Mass Effect Universe (And Beyond) To Life

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Mass Effect: Environment Artwork

This is actually 1 of the concepts that inspired the Virmire Location in : Mass Effect: Environment Artwork : Vacation city/planet

The Citadel from Mass Effect

36 Beautiful Landscapes That Prove That Video Games Are Art

This is going over the sofa. Artwork by carlosmfuentes.

Octosaurus by Carlos Fuentes "Rumors whispered in the galleys of shipped spoke of the dread Octosaurus, half kraken, half T-Rex, half Skittles rainbow!

so-oedipal:    The Arch (by `MacRebisz)

Red Velvet Voyages into the future Futuristic City Concept Art Conceptart Scifi Concepts

by James Paick.

Brilliant concept art & environment design : check out these amazing digital paintings by California based artist James Paick.

It's friday, and you're starting to loose your inspiration? Well check our new inspiration pick and start your day with a fresh mind! François Baranger has

Cityscape Final Version, Marc Felix on ArtStation at

Cityscape Final Version, Marc Felix on ArtStation at…

100 Imaginative “Cities of the Future” Artworks

100 Imaginative “Cities of the Future” Artworks

City of the Future - nice having the city starting to grow together with the nature - living along side it in order to later being able to live together with it