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A Sopwith Baby floatplane

August Building upon 1913 flying-off experiments aboard HMS Hermes, an aircraft takes off from a platform aboard a fully operational British aviation ship for the first time, when a Sopwith Baby equipped with wheeled floats takes off from HMS Campania.

GERMAN AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 67779) Pflaz D.VII fighter biplane.

GERMAN AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 67779) Pflaz D.VII fighter biplane.

French born American Major Raoul Lufbery, standing by his Spad S.VII of 'Escadrille de Lafayette'. He was shot down over French lines on the 18th May 1918. (Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, said of Lufbery: "Everything I learned, I learned from Lufbery.")

Gervais Raoul Lufbery March 1885 – May 1918 was a French-American…

The first night raid by the Gothas took place on 3 September. Targeting Chatham, this was an experimental raid carried out by only five aircraft. The 152 deaths included 130 naval recruits whose dormitory received a direct hit, the worst single bombing incident of the war.

First World War aviation art prints of the Gotha G.V aircraft. Our collection of prints and original paintings of the Gotha G.V aircraft of World War One.

Q 68263  B.E.12b single-seat general purpose biplane. Used for Home Defence duties.

Q Cockpit of a Royal Aircraft Factory biplane. Aircraft exhibited in the Imperial War Museum.